Christian Faith and Religious Diversity - a Protestant Perspective

A Foundational Text from the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Published by EKD, 2016


Christian Faith and Religious Diversity

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  1. Introduction: Coexistence with members of other religions and worldviews as a theological task and a practical challenge

    Diversity as normalcy: challenges and opportunities
    Theology - law - fields of Action

  2. Religious diversity and Evangelical identity - theological baselines

    Christian faith and religious pluralism: a basic insight
    Pluralism -"whateverism" - "general religion" - "civil religion"
    Open doors - at an actual address: political, social, ad religious pluralism
    Binding ourselves to the truth and remaining capable of dialogue

  3. Religious diversity - the test and proof of religious freedom

    Religious freedom as a universally valid fundamental and human right
    The diversity of creeds and of forms of religious practice
    Taking public action in a neutral state
    The perspectives of German religious constitutional law in the European and international context

  4. Fields of action at the congregational and church level
    Our goal: rules of procedure for interreligious action
    Providing support in religious pluralism
    Guest and host in interreligious encounter
    Praying with others
    Public action and mission under the conditions of pluralism
    Charity and social welfare - churches as service Providers and employers
    V Questions pertaining to the theology of religions
    Do all religions refer to the same transcendent reality?
    A classic question: do Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in the same God?
    The encounter with Islam
    In particular: the relationship between Christians and Jews

    Conclusion: the tasks of a theology of religions
    Members of the Theological Chamber of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD)



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