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Easter gospel now available in 15 languages

March 7, 2016

Stuttgart (epd). The narrative of Jesus' resurrection in St John's Gospel is now available in 15 languages. The multilingual brochure was compiled by the Protestant German Bible Society and the Catholic Bibelwerk, the Bible Society announced in Stuttgart. This year's version is longer than before: the 18 verses (John 20:18) can now also be read in simplified German and in Farsi, that is mainly spoken in Iran.

Translations for refugees and migrant workers

The text from John is available in Arabic, Dari, English, French, Italian, Kurdish, Russian, Serbian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish and Urdu. The Bible Society explained that selection took account of the biggest European languages and a number of languages from other countries from which people have fled to Germany as refugees or come as migrant workers.

In addition, an Arabic-German edition of St Luke's Gospel is to appear in the next few weeks. The German text will use the translation of the 'Basic Bible' and the Arabic text will be from the Arabic Good News Translation. The Basic Bible contains sentences no longer than 16 words long and with only one subordinate clause. Furthermore, a book of migration stories from the Bible will be published in German.



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