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Käßmann to open Reformation anniversary events in 2016 in Luxemburg

November 02, 2015

Luxemburg (epd). Theologian Margot Käßmann will open the activities of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on 11 March 2016 in Luxemburg. The special envoy for the Reformation anniversary of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) will give lectures and a sermon, thereby launching the anniversary on a "spiritual" note, said Rev. Hans-Martin Heins from the German-speaking Protestant congregation in Luxemburg. Besides his own congregation, the Catholic Church in Luxemburg, the Protestant Reformed Church and the French-speaking Protestant community are organising a series of events leading up until 2017, which will focus on being the church today and Reformation in ecumenical responsibility.

On the anniversary of the Reformation on 31 October 2017, Heins and the Catholic archbishop Jean Claude Hollerich intend to deliver a joint sermon at an ecumenical service in Luxemburg Cathedral. This occasion was not viewed as merely "commemorating" the Reformation but as an opportunity to engage with church renewal, the pastor said. That was why the celebrations would be ecumenical in nature.

In the context of this series of events, Catholic theologian Judith Könemann from Münster University and Christoph Markschies, a Protestant church historian, will give lectures and seminars in Luxemburg. In addition, there are plans for a theological workshop, encounters with the Bible and an international ecumenical congress. While some events will take place on church premises, the organisers have also been able to gain support from Commerzbank and Luxemburg University to host other programmes.



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