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EKD peace spokesperson Renke Brahms recalls peace stipulation in Two-Plus-Four Treaty

September 10, 2015

Bremen (epd). Marking the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Two-Plus-Four Treaty, Renke Brahms, peace spokesperson of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) has criticized German arms exports and the storing of nuclear weapons. The treaty stipulated that "Only peace will emanate from German soil" (Art. 2) and this was a lasting obligation for German policy-makers, declared Brahms, who is also president of the Evangelical Church of Bremen. The continuing high rate of German arms exports was not in harmony with this commitment to peace, he added.

On 12 September 1990, the Treaty on the Final Settlement with respect to Germany was signed in Moscow, thereby opening the way to German reunification. The document also established Germany's renunciation of the production, possession and use of atomic, biological and chemical (ABC) weapons. In spite of this, nuclear weapons were still stockpiled in Germany, Brahms recalled critically.

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