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Margot Käßmann would like to see more interreligious encounters

January 16, 2015

Berlin (epd). After the devastating terror attacks of Paris, Margot Käßmann, former chair of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) and the EKD's special envoy for the 2017 Reformation anniversary, has called for more interreligious contacts. It is very important to create spaces for encounters, she told the Berlin weekly "Die Kirche" (The Church, 18 January). "When we sit down together at the table, exchange ideas, share a meal - prejudices, rumours, stereotypes lose their power."

At present there are too few places where such encounters take place, in Kaßmann's view. After the great gestures of recent days she called on people to practise hospitality. Churches and parish rooms should be opened to enable personal conversations, she said. "When we create community, when trust grows in mutual relations, through common meals, time we share, that is a long-term reply to the aggressors, who want to divide us, instead of shaping our life together."



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