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EKD-President condemns "horrendous crimes" in Iraq

August 11, 2014

Hannover/Düsseldorf (epd). The President of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Nikolaus Schneider has condemned the violence in Northern Iraq. "Our prayers go out to the victims and are directed towards peace and understanding in the region", Schneider told the Evangelical Press Service (epd) on Friday.   The EKD condemned all violence committed by the Sunni terrorist group "Islamic State" (IS). "We condemn in the strongest terms the horrendous crimes against whole ethnic and religious groups", said the former President of the Rhineland Church.

At the same time Schneider encouraged the decision-makers in Berlin and Brussels to "bring all diplomatic means to bear" for the protection of the civil population in Northern Iraq.  On Friday afternoon the USA began the first air attacks on the positions held by IS.  The Bishop of the Bavarian Church, Heinrich Bedford-Strohm had previously indicated that he was "greatly relieved" by the announcement of US intervention in Northern Iraq. The theologian had written on his Facebook page that from his point of view, there was now the "direct necessity of a police-style engagement for the prevention of the mass killing of people under threat".

There are now more than half a million people in Northern Iraq fleeing from the brutal violence of the IS militants.  The radical Sunni terror group is in particular tracking down Christians, Shiites and Yazidis, but also moderate Sunnis.



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