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Church calls for internationally binding standards for good work

May 02, 2014

Bremen (epd). The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) has called for internationally binding standards for good work and has also expressed support for social and ecological production. Guidelines from the UN's International Labor Organization are necessary and must be respected the world over, stated OKR Cornelia Coenen-Marx on Thursday in Bremen. She is the EKD spokesperson on social policy issues and was speaking at an ecumenical service to mark Labor Day (1 May). People, and not markets, should be at the center of policy-making, she emphasized.

In view of the scandals in the world textile industry, Coenen-Marx noted that globalization was more than a global economy: "It is also about the encounter of cultures and religions, about human rights and dignity." Precisely in times of upheaval it is a huge opportunity to see the world with the eyes of the other: "With the eyes of the Romanian families, contract laborers from Bulgaria, textile workers from Bangladesh." Those who stop rotating only around themselves, who allow God's Spirit to shake them up, will gain strength to militate for social standards, she added.

With respect to Europe, Coenen-Marx warned against social imbalances in societies. They could destroy the values embodied in the European Union. "Perhaps the greatest threat to the European project is the anti-European reflex that is being fuelled in various countries from their experience of social injustice."

2 May 2014



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