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Survey: Church should take political positions

Frankfurt a.M. (epd). According to a topical survey, most Germans think that, in general, the church should take political positions. However, there are topics on which a statement from the church is expected from an especially large number of people, as a representative survey by the Protestant monthly magazine "chrismon" (September issue) shows.

77 percent of people want church representatives to speak out on the gap between rich and poor. 62 percent expect church statements on marriage between same-sex couples, 60 percent on asylum policy and 47 percent on climate change. 41 percent of interviewees said that the church should get involved in the debate on the deployment of the German defense forces in war zones.

Only 22 percent thought that debt relief for Greece was an issue for the church. And ten percent stated plainly that the church should keep out of political questions.

The Emnid opinion poll institute interviewed 1001 people on the subject.

30 August 2013



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