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Conference of European Churches deliberates on new constitution

July 04, 2013

Budapest (epd). At its 14th Assembly, General secretary Guy Liagre called on the members of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) to work together when reconfiguring the ecumenical organisation. A successful reform process was necessary for the stability of CEC with its over 120 European member churches, said Liagre on Thursday in Budapest. This was important for the voice of the churches and the Christian message to be heard in Europe. It was also important for CEC to continue to offer a platform for exchange between churches in eastern and western Europe, Liagre stated.

The aim of the Assembly, made up of delegates from Anglican, Orthodox and Protestant churches, was to achieve a strategic and structural reorganisation of CEC, primarily through adopting a new constitution. The amendments provided inter alia for a reduction in the number of governing bodies and the removal of the secretariat from Geneva to Brussels.

The Assembly's theme was "And now, what are you waiting for?" In his report, the General Secretary named secularisation and declining church adherence in Europe as challenges for all churches, both large and small. In this context, Liagre advocated offering young people more opportunities for participation. He furthermore stressed the importance of continuing the ecumenical dialogues.

The Conference of European Churches is based in Geneva, and has offices in Strasbourg and Brussels. It was founded in 1959 by Christians from eastern and western Europe. During the Cold War they wanted to create a forum for communication among themselves.
The Roman Catholic Church is not a member. The Russian Orthodox Church has suspended its membership since 2008.

04 July 2013

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