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Protestant and Islamic leaders meet

June 21, 2013

Berlin (epd). Thursday will see a meeting in Berlin of representatives of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) and Islamic associations. The EKD announced on Friday that topics for discussion included questions relative to the living together of Christians and Muslims, along with the role of religions in a pluralist society. The last meeting of the religious leaders was in June 2012 in Duisburg. On that occasion, the two sides agreed to meet each year for talks.

The Muslim side is represented by the Coordination Council of Muslims, representing DITIB, the Islam Council, the Central Council of German Muslims and the association of Islamic Cultural Centers (VIKZ). The current spokesperson is Aiman Mazyek, chair of the Central Council of German Muslims. Together with EKD Council Chair Nikolaus Schneider, he will brief the press afterwards on the results of the deliberations.

During the talks in 2012 both sides agreed to hold a more intensive dialogue, announcing that they would give joint statements on certain topics in future. Prior to that encounter there had been four years of silence at the top level, at least publicly.

21 June 2013

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