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Käßmann: Reformation was an educational movement

May 23, 2013

Erfurt (epd). Margot Käßmann , the EKD special ambassador for the Reformation anniversary in 2017,  has highlighted the lasting significance of the Reformation for education. Speaking in Erfurt, Thuringia, on "The Reformation as an educational movement", Kaßmann declared that Martin Luther was the first person to have publicly taken up this topic and he had vigorously promoted participation in education. In view of the growing gap between children in Germany who are well provided for and those who are neglected, she underlined the great importance for today of "educational justice, as in Luther's times".

Luther saw it as the precondition for mature faith that "each and everyone could read the Bible themselves and talk about their faith", Kaßmann stated. In his eyes, the basis for this was education for all, and not just for the few who could afford it. Kaßmann was one of the two keynote speakers at the 11th Thuringian symposium on education. (epd)



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