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Yemen: Abducted Christians Still Missing

July 21, 2009

Fate of German Family and British Engineer Unknown

Saada, July 21 (idea) - Six weeks after their abduction in Yemen there is still no word about the whereabouts of a German Christian family and a British citizen. 

The development worker, his wife, their three children and the British engineer were kidnapped in mid-June during an outing near Saada in North Yemen. 

They were with two German bible school students and a South Korean teacher. They were found murdered on June 12. 

The nine Christians were working at the Al Jumhuri hospital in Saada, which has since been closed for security reasons.  The humanitarian agency Worldwide Services, based in the Netherlands, has withdrawn all staff members. 

As a close family member of the missing Germans told the evangelical news agency idea that there is no news about the fate or the whereabouts of the hostages.  No ransom demand has been made. 

It is most likely that the Christians were abducted for religious reasons.  Apparently the German development worker talked to a man in a café about the bible.  The family wanted to return to East Germany next year, when their youngest daughter is due to start school. 

The Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Saxony, Jochen Bohl, has asked for intercession on behalf of the missing Christians. 

In the last 15 years at least 200 foreigners have been kidnapped in Yemen.  In most cases, they were set free after ransom payments. 

(Source: idea-Wolfgang Polzer)



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