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German Churches Launch Prayer Projects

Internet-Clip Explains Prayer: Candid Conversation with God

November 19, 2008

Hannover/Wuppertal, November 19 (idea). Two prayer projects are being
launched by Protestant churches in Germany.

The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) has placed a video clip on the Web
which explains in 180 seconds what prayer is all about.  Praying to God is
like having a candid conversation with a good friend, says Herman Barth,
President of the EKD church office in Hanover.

The prayer video is one of the 26-part-series "E­-Wie-Evangelisch"
(E-­As-In-Evangelical) on Christian basics and can be watched on YouTube,
iTunes, Clipfish and  (in German).

The EKD represents all 25 million Protestant church members in Germany.  The
prayer video is launched on November 19 ­ traditionally a day of prayer and
repentance in Germany.

The day also marks the start of a prayer project in the Evangelical Church
of the Rhineland, one of 23 regional churches.  "Prayer o9" is designed to
encourage individual and congregational prayer among the 2.9 million

Only a praying church can be a strong church, explained Rev. Hans-Hermann
Pompe at the launch of the project in Wuppertal.  The director for church
development and missionary ministries hopes that the "spiritual water level"
will be raised through the year long initiative.

Rev Ruediger Maschwitz hopes for a spiritual awakening.  "Prayer 09" will
feature a wide scope of prayer ­ from personal encounters with God to
liturgical forms and political intercession.

The project is a joint venture of the Rhenish Church with the United
Evangelical Mission (UEM), an international communion of 34 churches in
Africa, Asia and Germany.  Angela Kamitz of UEM pointed out that German
churches have much to learn from the spiritual vitality in Africa and Asia.



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