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German Protestant Church Calls For Change in Lifestyle Counter Climate Change and Preserve God¹s Creation

November 10, 2008

Bremen, November 10 (idea) ­ The synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany
(EKD) has called for a change in lifestyle to counter climate change and preserve creation.  The new lifestyle should be marked by ³intelligent love² and a voluntary restriction of one¹s own wishes.
The synod, representing more than 25 million Protestant church members, held its annual meeting in the North German city of Bremen, November 1 ­ 5. In a unanimous decision the 120 members issued a resolution calling for changes in individual life patterns as well as in the political and economic sphere.
The environment and human life were especially threatened in the Southern hemisphere owing to an irresponsible lifestyle in the North and West.  Lack of water and sanitation as well as pollution were threatening the lives of
2.4 billion people.  Each day 6,000 individuals were dying from lack of water. 
According to the synods resolution Christians are partly to blame.  They had misinterpreted the biblical mandate as a license to exploit creation.
Rather Christians should treat God¹s creation with respect and
responsibility for the future.   The synod suggests the adoption of a
Christian lifestyle marked by thanksgiving, humility, reflection and service. 
The resolution also calls on churches to take steps towards a more sustainable life.  They should use energy efficient means of transport and voluntarily keep a speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour (80 mph) on the autobahn.  The synod also encourages the churches to reduce their carbon-dioxide emissions by 25 percent by the year 2015.
In a separate resolution the synod appealed to the 23 regional churches to set aside one Sunday each year for intercession on behalf of persecuted Christians.  There should also be an annual report on the situation of religious freedom, discrimination and persecution.



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