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World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) receives corporate status

January 16. 2013

Hanover (epd). The state of Lower Saxony has granted the World Communion of Reformed Churches status as a corporate body under public law. In January 2014 the WCRC will relocate its offices from Geneva to Hanover. As a corporate body under public law it can now collect church tax and employ staff with the status of civil servants.

The Reformed Churches, which derive from the Genevan Reformer John Calvin (1509-1564), are among the mainline church currents within Protestantism. Reformed congregations give a major role to the ordinary church members. They are characterized by unassuming church interiors and preaching that speaks to people in their everyday lives.

"We Lower Saxons are delighted that our capital city will host the new offices of the WCRC," said state premier David McAllister (CDU). Education minister Bernd Althusmann (CDU) added that the granting of corporation rights underlined the importance of the Reformed churches in Lower Saxony. They personally handed the appropriate documents to the WCRC general secretary, Setri Nyomi, and the general treasurer, Johann Weusmann.

The WCRC represents over 80 million Reformed Christians and has a staff of seven. Almost 230 churches belong to it, in 108 countries. German members are the Evangelical Reformed Church based in Leer and the Church of Lippe. The Reformed Federation is already headquartered in Hanover. It brings together about 430 Reformed congregations, synods and churches, and is the umbrella organization of Reformed Christians in Germany.



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