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Global faith-based aid alliance says a billion hungry wrong

November 1, 2010

Geneva (ENI). The head of a worldwide faith-based humanitarian and development alliance has said his organization needs to take a more vocal stance on global inequalities. "We are fired up and motivated to challenge political figures, big business and the vested interests of the world's richest nations," ACT Alliance general secretary John Nduna said at the end of the group's 19-22 October assembly in Arusha, Tanzania. "In today's world, a billion people are going to bed hungry, only 30 percent of children in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa have access to anti-malarial drugs and climate change is devastating the world's poorest people," said Zambian-born Nduna in a statement, made available to ENInews. "We know this is wrong. We know we must make our voices heard against all these gross injustices." (



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