God loves all that lives

Challenges and tasks for the protection of life

Joint declaration of the Council of the Protestant Church in Germany and the German Bishops' Conference

in co-operation with
the other member and guest churches
of the Council of Christian Churches
in the Federal Republic of Germany and Berlin (West):

Greek Orthodox Metropoly
Baptist Union
United Methodist Church
Old Catholic Church
Moravian Church
Syrian-Orthodox Church
Old Reformed Church of Lower Saxony

Free Evangelical Church
Independent Lutheran Church
Christlicher Gemeinschaftsverband Mülheim/Ruhr GmbH
Salvation Army
Edited by the Office of the Protestant Church in Germany (Kirchenamt der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland) and the Secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference (Sekretariat der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz)

Published in 1989 under the title

Gott ist ein Freund des Lebens. Herausforderungen und Aufgaben beim Schutz des Lebens



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